The 10 worst characters in Street Fighter’s history, according to jmcrofts

By on March 29, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Worst Street Fighter Characters

We’ve seen “worst Street Fighter characters” videos in the past–but those have largely been compiled by people whose opinions and experience didn’t really align with the expectations of the FGC. As such, those lists tend not to be widely accepted–and are at most a reminder that we can be a very niche community.

One person who has been doing top 10 lists in this subject–and has FGC values at the core of his videos–is jmcrofts. In this one, he tackles the worst Street Fighter characters ever, as in under-powered, “dumpster-tier” fighters, just as he did a “most over powered characters” video a while back.

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Source: jmcrofts

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