MrBroken030’s “SS6 Slash and Bust” pushes Samurai Shodown VI combos to their limit

By on March 29, 2017 at 7:00 pm
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The Samurai Shodown series started with a very light-on-combos philosophy, which makes a lot of of sense for its weapon-based combat. Most of the games were focused purely on high damage pokes and footsies, and even today the majority of tournament matches for Samurai Showdown VI lean toward more pokes then combos.

There’s a lot of reasons for that–meter requirements, how rare combo-starting situations can come up, and so on–but that doesn’t mean that long, execution heavy combos don’t exist. In fact, SS6 has a number of meter systems called “spirits” that are specifically built to give you different ways to manage meter and play. There’s 6 in all (8 in the console version!), and a few of them are shown off here in MrBroken030’s newly-released combo video.

About half way through, the focus is predominately on combos involving the “Mu” spirit, a time-stopping rage mechanic that allows for even longer combos for the whole cast. If you’ve ever wanted to get an idea of just where you can take combos in Samurai Shodown VI and weren’t sure where to start, MrBroken030’s work here should give you some ideas!

Source: MrBroken030

[Edit: original headline misspelled the video’s title, it has since been corrected.]

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