Sometimes running is the best option–This King of Fighters XIV guide explores the benefits of backdashing

By on March 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Xanadu KOF

Because of the sheer size of The King of Fighters XIV’s roster, some players neglect to fully educate themselves in some of the base mechanics, getting lost in learning character matchups and such. Certain mechanics that, in a smaller game, would have been explored to death take a bit longer to be fully learned. Thankfully, there are many helpful fans out there working hard to explain such mechanics.

Today’s content creator is PLSX, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to put together an educational guide on the defensive nature of backdashes in KOFXIV. This guide covers all the things they can dodge, what kind of attacks will hit you, recovery time, and how best to weigh these properties in real situations.

There’s another guide by the same creator that addresses Leona’s strong mixup game, which features the above mechanic to get out of most of her options.

Source: PLSX

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