desk exploits an obscure Street Fighter II: The World Warrior glitch for some brand new combos

By on March 20, 2017 at 2:00 pm
desk world warrior youtube video

We all know there’s some truly insane stuff waiting to be found in older titles, and Street Fighter II is no exception. As displayed in the video uploaded today by desk, there is one glitch in particular involving Vega (Claw) that allows him to be hit after a sweep knockdown.

This glitch can be exploited for all sorts of normally impossible combos, such as double fireball combos, mid-combo jump-ins, and sweep loops. desk also takes advantage of another very specific glitch: one that adds a few additional hitstun frames when sweeping someone who is outside of the corner, causing them to be knocked into the corner.

For a full breakdown on how all this works, be sure to check the video description–where desk goes over the details on how he learned about this glitch, and just how long it took to discover this.

Source: desk

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