Cheetah carves up the competition in her introductory Injustice 2 trailer

By on March 20, 2017 at 9:00 am
Cheetah Ij2

Revealed in a compilation trailer for many of Injustice 2’s female fighters and shown off in one of NetherRealm’s Watchtower streams, Cheetah has finally received her own introductory trailer. As you can imagine, Cheetah is one of the faster fighters on the Injustice roster, using her superior speed to savage her enemies with combos that rapidly switch between high and low strikes.

Mixups and resets look like Cheetah’s bread and butter, with throws that allow her to switch sides or leave her at an advantage when the opponent gets up from the ground. She has a short range crawl that hits low, alongside a huge leap which can be meter-burned to have Cheetah drop from the sky and pin her opponent to the ground with a series of brutal slashes. Like her other throws, this then gives her ample opportunity to plan a meaty setup on her opponent. Her super is quite familiar to long time fighting fans–looking a lot like Spiderman’s Maximum Spider from the Marvel series.

If you’re a fan of characters like Sabrewulf, Cheetah should be right up your street. This trailer also shows off the second screen transition for the Batcave stage, as well as a new stage which seems to be set in a museum in Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira. Injustice 2 will launch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16th.

Source: Injustice

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