VesperArcade explains what the throw tech option select change means for Street Fighter V

By on March 19, 2017 at 10:00 am
Street Fighter V VesperArcade Throw Tech OS

After demonstrating what the Shoryuken changes in Street Fighter V’s next balance patch will look like, VesperArcade has now turned his attention to discussing the impact of the change to the throw tech option select. As detailed in the patch notes, Capcom will be removing the ability to tech throws while holding Up during the Throw Escape as part of their crusade to remove as many option selects as possible from the game.

In the patch that added Alex to the game back in March 2016, Capcom increased the vertical and back jump frames for every character except for Zangief, from 3-4 frames, (4-5 frames for Birdie) in an attempt to reduce the effectiveness of this OS without largely altering the overall balance of the game at the time. Before he begins getting into the finer details, Vesper first wants to define what an Option Select is for viewers.

“Option selects allow multiple options to be covered with overlapping commands. They directly conflict guesswork leading to a positive result quite frequently.”

Utilizing Ryu as an example, Vesper demonstrates how to input the Throw Tech OS, also known as “Fuzzy Jumping,” in addition to a simple buffer OS. He points out the Throw Tech OS mainly covers 4 situations:

  1. Throw Techs
  2. Meaty Normals
  3. Shimmies
  4. Neutral Resets

He then shares the three steps needed to perform the OS consistently:

  1. Hold Down+Back (very briefly)
  2. Input Jump Back+Throw
  3. Return to Down+Back

“So this Option Select takes advantage of the really long Throw Tech window, which I think is 7 frames. So even when I’m getting up off the ground, I’m holding Down+Back for that very brief moment. So even if he throws me the second I get up off the ground, I still have time to tech that throw, which I’m doing by jumping back and pressing Throw at the same time.”

After visually demonstrating the various scenarios that this option select covers, as well as teaching players how to practice it themselves in Training Mode, he discusses a few of the current counters to it in the current build of the game, Vesper closes by explaining what Capcom’s intended fix will mean for the option select and what it will mean for SFV’s meta going forward.

“What they did, is they made it so you can’t tech throws while holding Up. So basically, when I’m holding Up+Back and pressing Throw, if the opponent times his Throw right when I’m getting up, he will be able to Throw me. So that pretty much should cure the problem, hopefully, unless people figure out a time window where they can cover that option as well. So if Capcom is successful in getting rid of this with that patch, then I wonder if Capcom’s going to keep the jumps at 4 frames, I’m really curious. But I guess there were some other Option Selects that would create if we brought it back to 3.”

You can see the full video below. VesperArcade will continue going over the remaining patch notes in detail on his channel in the future.

Source: VesperArcade 

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