Michael Martin assembles a think tank to discuss the recent Street Fighter V patch notes in “I Got Next”

By on March 19, 2017 at 4:00 pm

The Street Fighter V patch notes were announced in the last week, which has done a lot of shaking to what we already knew about Season 2. While the jury is still out on how this will affect the season going forward, Michael Martin of Yahoo Esports took it upon himself to talk it out with various minds across the FGC and gather their opinions on the patch.

While Michael Martin attributes it to a step in the right direction, he questions the buffs to Cammy, who was already established as a strong character, and wonders why she needs anything else. BornFree also questions it from a marketing standpoint, and with ELEAGUE fast approaching, makes the top 8 potentially less exciting due to the possible inclusion of what he deems a “boring character.” He also talks to Vince Ingenito–formerly of IGN–who praised Capcom’s changes to DPs but criticized them for their lack of addressing whether the inherent input lag is actually intentional or not.

Finally, he spoke with Gerald Lee of Core-A Gaming, who said the patch notes look interesting and praised Capcom for being open about their design ideas, but showed concern that while this will mean little for casual players, the pros will have their game plans going into this Capcom Pro Tour season shaken up.

Source: Yahoo Esports

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