BornFree talks with Echo Fox’s Momochi about character selection, Shinobism, Street Fighter V mechanics and more

By on March 19, 2017 at 1:00 pm

The hard working Mark “BornFree” Sheridan scored a number great interviews with many top players at Final Round XX. One of those was Echo Fox’s Yusuke Momochi, with Zhi “Zhieeep” Liang Chew on hand to provide some excellent translations.

BornFree got a lot of character specific talk out of  the Shinobism co-founder in the 30 minute+ interview: everything from why he settled on Ken in SFV despite starting with the (at the time, incredibly strong) Chun Li, and going all the way to his feelings on the newly released Kolin. We even get to learn about some of Momochi’s own creative ideas for SFV design (just frame meter gain!) and his general feelings on the state of the game. He also drops a hint that Shinobism may be opening up for new recruits soon: so if you’re 20 or under, get your applications ready!

Source: BornFree

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