Tokido discusses his ideal Akuma changes, his training regiment, and more with BornFree at Final Round 20

By on March 18, 2017 at 9:00 am
BornFree Tokido Final Round XX Interview

During this past weekend’s Final Round 20, BornFree caught up with Echo Fox’s Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi to question the Murderface on a variety of assorted topics. Earlier this week, we learned that his main character, Akuma, will be receiving a health increase in the next balance patch (bringing him up to 900) as well as seeing his medium and heavy Goshoryuken properties changed to function more like Necalli’s Raging Lights. However, Tokido has a different direction in mind for the “Raging Demon.”

I want to make him much more difficult. For me, 875 is a lot of health, compared to Street Fighter IV. I’d reduce his health to 800, for much less recovery on his fireballs and much faster movement speed. This time, he’s gained weight, so I hope he can lose it and move fast again. I want to use [a] difficult character to improve my skill. That’s why I use Akuma.

On the subject of Season 1 vs. Season 2, Tokido feels that the game is very different now:

It’s a very big change. A lot of characters have a chance now. I think it’s balanced, but for me, I feel easy characters are strong, and difficult characters are O.K. But totally, I think it’s balanced. I trust my character can fight against such a character, [Laura and Balrog] but maybe it takes time? But I can improve myself with my character.

When asked about his favorite player of all time, Tokido mentioned Hx.Twitch.CYG BST|Daigo Umehara without hesitation.

Honestly, Daigo Umehara. Because, for me, he’s a boss of old-school players. Recently, the old-school players taught me a lot. Why the fighting game scene is now so big, and a long time ago, fighting games were very bad in society, and they played them with their passion. I think that emotion has made the fighting game community so big today. Daigo also knows that feeling and played at the beginning of fighting games.

Taniguchi them talked a bit about his current training schedule:

After Akuma came in with Season 2, I practiced a lot. Before, I played just 3 or 4 hours a day, which was enough in my Ryu time, but with Akuma coming out, maybe I practice at least 8 or 9 hours a day. I bought an Espresso machine, so I drink coffee and eat protein bars to recharge.

When asked if he played any other fighting games, Tokido expressed interest in trying out Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite–and has also been playing The Last Guardian recently.

Finally, BornFree asks Tokido how he feels about potentially making top 8 at the ELEAGUE on Friday, May 26th, then having to travel to France for Red Bull Kumite on Sunday, May 28th, and if he’s worried it could impact his performance: “It’s OK. It’s just an 8 or 9 hour flight. From Japan to here is 16 hours and Japan to Europe is the same. So 8 or 9 hour flights are easy for me.”

You can see the full interview–with timestamps–below, which also covers Tokido’s thoughts on Season 2 Ryu, being signed by Echo Fox, what he’d like to see from SFV going forward (system changes, and SFV eventually releasing in Japanese arcades).

Source: BornFree

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