The Tekken series gets the Honest Trailers treatment

By on March 18, 2017 at 4:00 pm

“Enter the Tekken tournament, a brutal competition between the world’s best fighters, grapplers, robots… and BEARS.”

Dubbing the Tekken series the “world’s most violent game of hacky sack,” the Bandai Namco series gets an Honest Trailer from Smosh Games. While it’s a satirical, humorous take that tackles the franchise from its roots up, it’s surprisingly¬†accurate. They don’t leave out any of the ridiculous aspects of the series.

It’s nice to see another fighting game getting this treatment, as they usually do this¬†for only the highest-profile games. Two years ago, they also did a Street Fighter Honest Trailer.

Tekken 7 is on track to release on June 2nd. We also have some confirmation of post-release content for Tekken 7.

Source: Smosh Games

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