Relive Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 with these top 8 replays, courtesy of Team Spooky

By on March 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Last weekend saw the conclusion of the Killer Instinct Ultra Tour and my, what a tournament it was. With players coming from North America, Europe and Asia to compete for the title of Killer Instinct World Cup champion, it was a stellar showing of both high level Killer Instinct play and of the community’s drive and devotion to their game.

The overall winner was Darnell “F3|Sleep” Waller, earning himself the KIWC Champion title to go alongside with his Evo 2016 trophy. Sleep’s run through Winners was mighty impressive, only dropping a single game to UA|Bass before Winners’ Finals. From there, he had his work cut out for him with a heart-in-the-mouth five game set with BH|Thompxson, before squaring off against Storm179 with another game 5 situation. Sleep’s nerve held, with his ARIA triumphing over Storm’s Hisako and earning him that double crown.

Storm’s second place is not to be overlooked however, as he defeated top level threats like Thompxson, UA|Wheels and even double eliminating first seed for the tournament Circa|Nicky. His Hisako is one dangerous spirit and with the upcoming release of Shin Hisako next week (possibly earlier), be prepared for more of this ghost girl at future KI tournaments. Thompxson’s third place is nothing to sneeze at either, with it taking the combined force of Sleep and Storm to stop his streak of 3-0 victories. Even then, Thompxson’s Jago took them both to game 5 so expect this tiger warrior to be hungry for more at Combo Breaker.

Elsewhere in bracket, MT|LetalisVenator pumped up the crowd with his rock solid Aganos play, earning a seventh place finish with a character dwelling in the doldrums of low tier. Some of his setups using Aganos’ walls were a sight to behold, dealing upwards of 60% damage with a single combo. His match against RavenIsRaw was particularly brutal, looking like a stone-cold killer against Raven’s poor Spinal.

While actually getting sent into bracket via DQ–and possibly due to oversleeping thanks to Daylight Savings Time– last year’s winner Rico Suave was able to make it all the way to seventh place as well, eventually falling to Nicky in a tense 3-2 set. Sleep actually follows in Suave’s footsteps with his victory at KIWC, becoming the second KI player to win both Evo and Killer Instinct World Cup.

Wheels’ vast character knowledge did him justice in top 64, with his revolving door of characters earning him victories against Selfless|Fiyah Liger, LCD and LetalisVenator before eventually falling to Storm and earning fifth. While Tusk lead the charge for a large portion of his tournament life, Sabrewulf, Orchid and even Gargos got their licks in during KIWC.

Puddle punching his way to fifth place and earning his rank as the world’s best Glacius, BH|Waterhorses defeated players like the UK’s HW|Valoraxe, France’s TDB|LeChatNoir as well as Wheels, before being sent to Losers’ by Thompxson. His final match versus Nicky was yet another close call, with the Ultratech killing machine just clutching it out over the alien iceman 3-2. For the full results and standings, make sure to look through the KIWC 2017 Challonge page for all of the action in top 64.

Overall, Killer Instinct World Cup was a phenomenal event in terms of action, production and excitement, so congrats to everyone involved for making it such a stellar event. KIWC will be returning in 2018, with the third round of the Ultra Tour starting with Combo Breaker and CEO 2017. You can relive all the top 8 matches by watching the videos below, with all of top 32 also available on Team Spooky’s YouTube channel. Fight on!

Sources: Challonge; Team Spooky

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