Braver’s Revel 2017, a BlazBlue: Central Fiction 2v2 championship, is this weekend in Japan

By on March 16, 2017 at 4:00 pm

A series of qualifiers is leading up to a grand 2v2 BlazBlue: Central Fiction national tournament called Braver’s Revel 2017. Players from various regions in Japan fought for 30 qualifying spots in these team qualifiers. The culmination of the event is March 19th, this Sunday (effectively late Saturday/early Sunday in some Western countries). Toshimichi Mori, the producer of the BlazBlue series, will be there, as well as Bullet’s voice actress, Toa Yukinari.

Organized by Taito, the event takes a whole day. While we already know most of the participants, one of the last two teams will be decided with a last chance qualifier. Team number 32 are the winners of the last year’s Braver’s Revel: Matsumoto and Nakao.

Arc System Works provided a useful image that breaks down which fighter came from which region; the chart on the right tells how many of each character will we see in the tournament.


We don’t have exact streaming information just yet–it’s possible that a Twitch account will be created specifically for the event. You can view more information about the event and who’s participating by visiting the Taito BlazBlue Braver Revel page; there are photos below of all the teams who qualified, and what characters they use, among them famous players like Fumi, Ryuusei, Koike, Fenrich, Ito Sae, Matoi, Gackt, and so on.

To get warmed up for the action, however, there’s footage of some of the qualifiers:

A-cho January qualifier:

A February qualifier, there are four parts to this video:

February Athena Nipponbashi:

March Central Hachiouji:

March Playspot Big One:

Big thanks to alupin for the tip and collaborating with info.

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