Ryuji Yamazaki throws down as the second DLC character for The King of Fighters XIV

By on March 15, 2017 at 1:43 pm
Ryuji KOF 14

Following the announcement of Whip earlier this month, Atlus and SNK have now revealed that psychopathic gangster Ryuji Yamazaki will be joining The King of Fighters XIV as its second DLC character. First introduced in Fatal Fury 3, Yamazaki fights like a man possessed: using his self-taught fighting style, elongated arms, and explosive headbutts to dominate his opponent.

As someone with no restraint, Yamazaki’s supers are quite unhinged to say the least. One of them has him picking up random objects from the stage scenery–including a big tuna–and belting his opponent over the head with them. Combine that with his blood-based projectiles, and you have one crazy fighter. With Whip becoming available April 5th, Yamazaki shouldn’t be that far behind–along with the next DLC fighter for SNK’s fighting franchise.

Source: AtlusUSA

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