Ibuki: some okizeme and stylish combos for Street Fighter V’s resident kunoichi

By on March 15, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Street Fighter V Ibuki

This ninja is stepping out of the shadows thanks to a prominent Capcom Pro Tour victory.

Ibuki’s technical demands on the player to achieve consistent success have kept her in the background for the most part when it comes to Street Fighter V’s metagame–but we all got a very clear reminder of how deadly she can be when Razer’s Xian tore through Final Round 20 to claim victory, undefeated, with the plucky ninja.

Ibuki can become a real thorn in her opponent’s side when applying her okizeme setups to keep them fighting a losing defensive battle; here’s a number of V-Trigger setups from Redcaliburn to work into your attack plan:

In case you want to show off a little swagger before (or after) you knock opponents down, you’ll want to check out LianHuBBB’s compilation of stylish Ibuki combos and setups below:

Ibuki also looks to come out on the other side of the incoming balance patch for SFV relatively unscathed; check out the upcoming changes here.

Sources: Team Edmonton Gamers; LiangHuBBB

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