Explore maximum damage: 5-bar combos for all characters in The King of Fighters XIV

By on March 14, 2017 at 11:00 am

With the MAX system, and the ability to Advanced Cancel character’s Desperation Moves into Climax Moves, 5-bar combos are some of the most damaging options in The King of Fighters XIV. That said, not everyone gets the same output from spending all 5 bars–certain characters get significantly more damage out of it than others.

In this new combo video, Renato Ramos explores the differences between each character’s damage output using those 5 bars. This is done by demonstrating the most damaging 5-bar combos he could find for each and every character in the game.

Now, the damage output from these combos hovers around the 800 damage range, in general. However: not everyone is able to reach 800 damage, and there are some characters–including some supposedly low tier ones–who can reach and even break the 900 damage barrier, even to the point of enabling full touch-of-death combos.

Source: Renato Ramos

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