Catch the weirder side of the Street Fighter IV series in this compilation video

By on March 14, 2017 at 8:00 pm

While many players reminisce about fonder memories of the Street Fighter IV series, you can’t ignore that the game had some weird things happening in it… Regardless, the game did always prove to be entertaining, easily maintaining its status as the premier game of the FGC for as long as it did.

In this compilation video, you learn what an El Fuerte mirror might actually look like, why you should never play with your food in a match, and how Daigo Umehara can get hit with two Ultras in one game and still win, among other things.

Source: YogaFlame24

Corey "Missing Person" Lanier is a full-time writer, and one half of the "So Smart" team that did commentary for Street Fighter V Crash. A former English teacher, he has spent 5 years living between China and South Korea before moving to Canada. When he's not busy writing, he enjoys streaming, playing mafia and elevating his Super Turbo game. He also believes Sailor Moon S is the best fighting game on the planet, and if you don't believe him, see him in Sailor Moon!