Unleash the true demon with this Ultra Street Fighter IV Oni combo video

By on March 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Ultra Street Fighter IV had an interesting combo system, and there is still room for exploration within it; this video shows that there are still things to be learned–and Oni is an amazing example.

This video shows a slew of Oni combos, connecting off of meaty moves hitting at the last frame. While a lot of these combos are short and low damage, they are technically impressive–showing off a high degree of execution. One of the final combos is Deejay-specific, working only on him due to his enlarged hitbox.

Source: Quise B

Corey "Missing Person" Lanier is a full-time writer, and one half of the "So Smart" team that did commentary for Street Fighter V Crash. A former English teacher, he has spent 5 years living between China and South Korea before moving to Canada. When he's not busy writing, he enjoys streaming, playing mafia and elevating his Super Turbo game.