Street Fighter V returns to SXSW Gaming with Fighters Underground from March 16th-18th

By on March 13, 2017 at 1:30 pm
Fighters Underground

Repeating the tradition of fighting games having pride of place at SXSW, SXSW Gaming has announced that Street Fighter V will be taking center stage with Fighters Underground. This invitational will see some of the top threats in Street Fighter V battling it out for a stake in a giant $20,000 prize pot. The players invited to compete at Fighters Underground are:

  • Echo Fox|Momochi
  • ZOWIE|Gamerbee
  • Splyce|Filipino Champ
  • Echo Fox|Justin Wong
  • EG|Ricki Ortiz
  • Liquid|NuckleDu
  • RB.CYG BST|Snake Eyez
  • Red Bull|Luffy
  • EG|K-Brad
  • BX3|Phenom
  • PG|Punk
  • Smug
  • DNL|Chris Tatarian
  • Danke
  • RB
  • FourWude

To commentate all of these top matches, Fighters Underground will have the likes of F-Word, Logan Sama, IFC Yipes, James Chen, and Ultradavid on the mic throughout the weekend. It’s set to be quite the invitational, so make sure to tune in via the SXSWGaming Twitch channel if you cannot make it to Austin, Texas this weekend.

Source: SXSWGaming

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