Iron Galaxy release notes for patch 3.7 of Killer Instinct

By on March 12, 2017 at 12:00 pm
KI Jago

As promised during last night’s Killer Instinct presentation at the Killer Instinct World Cup, we finally have the balance notes for the upcoming 3.7 patch for KI. The biggest recipient of changes in this patch is Jago, who has been thoroughly hit with the nerf bat, with Glacius getting frame data improvements, General RAAM getting a well-needed buff, Ultratech debugging Kilgore’s programming among other changes.

Jago is considered by many to be the best character in Killer Instinct, with the patch notes even conceding that he “doesn’t really struggle at any range or with any matchup.” While having a powerful defensive kit, Jago could close gaps and deal damage up close without any real trouble, making him a jack of all trades and a master of many.

As such, the balance team have set about rebalancing Jago to preserve his defensive options, while making his close combat and gap closing tools that bit worse. This has involved making all of his Windkicks worse on block, reducing the range on Neck Cutter and lowering his standard Endokuken damage by 20% and his charged Endokuken damage by 10%. Jago will probably still be top five following this patch, but he should be less ridiculous both far away and up close.

Looking at the rest of the cast, Glacius received frame data improvements on Ice Lance, both standing heavy kick and heavy punch, alongside crouching heavy kick. General RAAM’s Kryll Cancel now only takes a half a meter, meaning he can deal with some offensive matchups and Kilgore’s potential damage output has been reduced by roughly 60%. There are a ton of other changes to characters like Kan-Ra and Maya, along with a whole host of bug fixes which can be found over on Ultra Combo.

Source: Ultra Combo

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