New skin packs, Ultimates and Killer Instinct merchandise revealed at Killer Instinct World Cup

By on March 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm
KI Ultimates 2

Alongside the big Shin Hisako reveal, the special presentation at Killer Instinct World Cup released a whole bunch of news about new content packs coming to Microsoft and Iron Galaxy’s fighter. First off is the announcement of the new Rash statue, which is coming courtesy of Project Triforce. Pre-orders of this will be starting in a month’s time, with orders of the cheeky Battletoad set to be fulfilled later this year.

Next up is the next set of Ultimates, which were actually leaked via Killer Instinct’s in-game store. This new pack of Ultimates will be for Kilgore, Fulgore, ARIA, Sadira and Riptor, with the panel showing off Fulgore’s Ultimate. Let’s just say Fulgore’s Devastation Beam got a bit of an upgrade. As with the last Ultimate pack, this will be free for everyone.

On the skins front, there are two new Gold skin packs coming in the near future. Gold Skin Pack 3 will release on March 21st with golden skins for Mira, Sadira and Glacius. Gold Skin Pack 4 will release on April 11th, with golden skins for Spinal, Kan-Ra and Hisako. There are plans for every character to get a gold skin, with there also being a Platinum skin hidden within there, to possibly compliment the pre-existing Platinum Gargos skin.

As for exclusive character skins, Gargos’ herald Omen will finally be getting a color pack later this summer. It’s taken a long old time, but the old glowing blue demon will at last get some color variation.

Finally, besides the obvious Shin Hisako announcement, Kilgore will return to the KI Store on April 4th at the lower price point of $4.99. Iron Galaxy are set to reveal how much the Kilgore Community Fund has made later this weekend, so stay tuned for that figure sometime tomorrow.

Source: Killer Instinct (Twitter)

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