Check out these high level Tekken 7 replays from the Green Arcade in South Korea

By on March 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Tekken 7

With Tekken 7 only a few months away, long time fans of the series will finally get their hands on the latest installment more than two years after it’s been available overseas. Despite the imminent nature of the release, it isn’t quite in our hands yet; that being the case, we primarily rely on arcades from abroad to get our Tekken fix.¬†Here we have a bunch of sets played at Green Arcade, an arcade in South Korea, many of which show off cool customization items in addition to the high level gameplay. Sit back and enjoy the Tekken matches.

You can find many more matches on TrueTekken’s YouTube channel, so head on over there if you’re thirsty for more.

Source: TrueTekken

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