Xuses Dramatically Reduces Street Fighter V’s Loading Times with PlayStation 4 Pro’s New Boost Mode

By on March 10, 2017 at 9:00 am
Reduce SFV Load Times PS4 Pro

Yesterday, the PlayStation 4’s version 4.50 firmware update was rolled out to users, bringing a number of performances improvements and new features to the console. The most notable one, however, is “Boost Mode”–a new feature exclusive to the PS4 Pro console–which allows the Pro to provide better performance for games that aren’t already patched to explicitly support the console’s improved capabilities. Benefits include higher frame rates and faster loading times for all PS4 titles. Looking to see what this means for Street Fighter V, Xuses decided to run a series of tests to compare the loading times of the game in various situations, with and without Boost Mode enabled. These tests included booting up the game, loading up Training Mode, finding a match using Fight Request, and seeing how long it took to return to Training Mode after finishing an online match.

The results of these trials proved to be staggeringly in favor of Boost Mode, as all of the game’s load timers were reduced significantly when it was enabled. Specifically, the load times were as follows:

Launching the Game:

  • Normal: 1 minute, 35 seconds
  • Boost Mode: 1 minute, 23 seconds

Loading up Training Mode:

  • Normal: 24 seconds
  • Boost Mode: 17 seconds

Finding an Online Match from Training Mode:

  • Normal: 55 seconds
  • Boost Mode: 45 seconds

Returning to Training Mode after finishing a Match:

  • Normal: 53 seconds
  • Boost Mode: 48 seconds

It is unknown at this time if Boost Mode has any further effects on SFV’s performance, but this is certainly a great perk for those who can afford to drop the extra cash on this upgraded version of the console. With Capcom promising a Spring update to the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN), perhaps they can still reduce these load times for users on all platforms?

You can see Xuses’ tests running in full, in the video below.

Are you excited about these reduced load times, if you happen to own a PS4 Pro? Will this new development convince you to buy one? Give us your thoughts below in the comments section!

Source: XusesGB

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