The SRK Rollback: Best of March 3-9, 2017

By on March 10, 2017 at 10:00 am

Welcome to the Rollback: a frame-by-frame look back at our past week’s most notable news–and our favorite SRK articles–from March 3 to March 9, 2017!

Zavian “mushin_Z” Sildra, Editor-in-Chief:

Frame 1:
Crimson_Chun-Li_750Crimson Street Fighter V Chun-Li Color Awarded to YamadaTaro for Winning the RAGE Master League

In addition to solving the mystery of Genbu Nash, these player-exclusive costumes are a sweet reward for competitors to show off. I would still like to see them offered as DLC in the future, after a suitable period of exclusivity for the Master League winner to enjoy.

Frame 2:
Final Fantasy II's Emperor Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Featured Image
Final Fantasy II’s Emperor Seeks Further Conquest in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

With every new update, this game looks more and more interesting. We still need that one last big announcement, though: when will we be able to play this on our own consoles, Square Enix?

Frame 3:
sf ccg jasco ufs crop
Jasco Announces Street Fighter Collectible Card Game; Can Be Played Alone or with Other UFS Games

It’s been a while since I threw down with a solid CCG; I’m very interested to see if Jasco’s UFS take on Street Fighter can deliver something that does justice to the source material, while capturing the “feel” of the video game’s battles. Hopefully we’ll see more info from Jasco soon.

Frame 4:
New Razer Panthera Firmware Update for PlayStation 4 Reduces Input Delay

In response to the initial reports of the Panthera’s input latency, this firmware update shaves that lag way down, possibly positioning this fight stick as the stick of choice for the serious competitor.

Frame 5:
Improving Your Training Mindset: Joe Munday & The Philocypher on Learning How to Play Your Best

Following up on his prior interview with The Philocypher, Joe Munday of Gief’s Gym fame talks more about how your outlook and willingness to learn will affect your ability to improve in Street Fighter V–or any fighting game.

Sam “Trilby” Foxall, Assistant Editor:

Frame 1:
Tekken 7 UK ChampionshipBandai Namco and ESL Announce a Tekken 7 UK and Ireland Championship

You’d be forgiven in thinking Tekken 7 was already out! This time, Bandai Namco are running a tournament for my fellow countrymen and women, with a series of events in the UK and Ireland to determine the best Tekken 7 player ahead of its June 2nd release.

Frame 2:
marvel_vs_capcom_750A History of Rights and Licensing: SSFF Takes a Look at Marvel vs. Capcom’s Convoluted Past

While it seems normal to us now, the pairing of Marvel and Capcom characters does sound like an odd pairing. To explain the history of this now legendary team-up, SSFF looks at the history of character licensing between Marvel and Capcom.

Frame 3:
Whip CoverCrack the Whip with The King of Fighters XIV’s First DLC Character Trailer

Whip it good KOF players, as K’s older sister Whip joins the fray as The King of Fighters XIV’s first DLC fighter. You won’t have long to wait to crack that whip, with Whip releasing on April 5th.

Frame 4:
rick thiher by robert paulRick “TheHadou” Thiher Joins Twitch to Help Build Competitive Gaming for the FGC

One of the hardest-working men in the FGC has now joined Twitch, with Rick “TheHadou” Thiher helping to build the FGC’s visibility on the huge streaming platform. Don’t worry folks, he’ll still be working to run events like CEO, Evo, and Combo Breaker.

Frame 5:
ki_world_cup_2017KI Con and the KI World Cup Are This Weekend–And Killer Instinct Isn’t the Only Game on Show

While acting as the showcase for the world’s best KI players, Killer Instinct World Cup will host a whole bunch of fighters, both old and new. Plus, you’ll want to tune in for the Shin Hisako gameplay reveal, along with possible other hints about KI’s future.

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