The Bay Area Rises Up with a New Tournament Series: NorCal Rivals–A Red Bull Proving Grounds Qualifier

By on March 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm
norcal rivals banner 3

With the recent announcement of Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017, Street Fighter V competitors in select cities across the United States and Canada are gearing up to make a name for themselves for the next few months. The reward for the end of this grueling journey is a trip to Evolution 2017 for the entire top eight of that region’s local qualifier. In addition to returning cities such as Los Angeles, CA, Philadelphia, PA, and others from last year, new regions have been added to the circuit which will undoubtedly make the competition more intense than ever.

One of the regions added to the Proving Grounds circuit is the city of Milpitas in northern California (the banner image on the Proving Grounds website says it’s in San Francisco, but Milpitas is actually closer to the San Jose area). This Proving Grounds Qualifying Stop will mark the beginning of new monthly tournament series titled “NorCal Rivals” which will showcase the regions’ local SFV talent as they compete against each other for the top three spots to advance as a team to the Proving Grounds finals.

Northern California has always been considered a strong region in the FGC, especially when it comes to Capcom fighting games. Expect to see a lot of NorCal’s established SFV players such as FOX|Julio, CircalLPN, BJ Unchained, Splyce|FChamp, ROM, ROG|Kelvin Jeon, Pavocado as well as up-and-coming talent like Robert “Ghodere” Covington, Eric “Brass” Beck, Isaiah Raider, David Higashi, and many more.

Just like the other regions, NorCal Rivals will take place on the first Saturday of April, May, and June. For more information on NorCal Rivals and Red Bull Proving Grounds, click on the source links below.

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