Latest Closed Beta Preview of Fightcade Shows Newest Version Is Close to Completion

By on March 9, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Chun Li Gill

Fightcade is currently the most popular service for playing online fighting games, and other retro multiplayer games. Having picked up where an unstable GGPO server left off, the program features a new user interface, but the same netcode as before. Because it was a change in servers only, it was left with many of the bugs that GGPO had–primarily due to the version of the Final Burn Alpha emulator that was in use. As a result, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike experiences glaring graphical and sound issues, and players on any operating system beyond Windows XP had increased lag and latency issues.

The development team is committed to porting Fightcade and the netcode to a better version, and began developing this a couple years ago. They recently released a preview video of the 4th beta version, which shows that a lot of the major issues revolving around the current public version have been fixed. The software also features an overlay that counts wins and losses in real time, eliminating the need for one of your own on your stream, if you are running an event using the service. Moreover, a look at the game list as shown on the screen while scrolling shows evidence that Fightcade will feature quality netcode for systems other than CPS2 and Neo Geo, now including the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

While no release date of the new version of Fightcade is yet announced, developer Pau Oliva states that the release will be “soon”–but cites that he cannot state exactly when, as development is done in the team’s own free time.

Source: Pau Oliva

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