Kolin Keeps Her Cool with More Street Fighter V Combos and Match Footage

By on March 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm

More resources to aid you in your efforts to build Gill’s new world order.

This is Kolin’s second week in the wild, and she’s still proving to be one of the most interesting additions to Street Fighter V. If you’re considering picking up this character as a potential new main or pocket–or are already trying Gill’s assistant out–here’s a few more videos you’ll be interested in checking out.

VesperArcade is helping beginner Kolins out, with this breakdown of her normal attacks:

TrueUnderDawgGaming offers this guide to “everything you need to know” about Kolin, as well as a tutorial on some higher-difficulty combos:

Here’s a showcase of the upper limits in damage that can be achieved with Kolin’s combos:

Echo Fox|Momochi continues to work with Kolin, as shown in this video:

VesperArcade has also shared his efforts to rank up online with Kolin (while showing off a Jill BSAA mod for SFV on PC); watch it here:

To close, check out this highlight reel of HORI’s Sako tearing it up online with the Phantasm of Snow and Ice.

Thanks to everyone that sent in tips.

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