Enjoy Kolin’s Chilling Beauty: Secret Rejected Alternate Costumes from the CFN Portal

By on March 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Kolin Battle Costume Concept Art Featured Image

With Kolin’s recent release in Street Fighter V’s second Season, the CFN Portal site has decided to celebrate by revealing a collection of concept art designs for her Battle Costume that didn’t make the cut. SFV’s Chief Director Takayuki Nakayama,will be taking us through each design, describing a bit about each piece.

Takyuki Nakayama: “This time with Kolin’s Battle Costume design, we’ll be introducing things that we regretfully didn’t adopt. The chosen one is also included at the bottom.”

Longcoat Ver.

Longcoat Kolin Concept Art

Takayuki Nakayama: “It seems that it would be difficult to move around in this. There is use for the long military coat, though. She is from a cold country.”

Eyewear Ver.

Glasses Kolin Concept Art

Takayuki Nakayama: “She looks like a really nice girl! Although she’s smiling, she’s still got a set of strong attacks. Because her appearance in the General Story changed too much from past works, this one met its death.”

White Trousers Ver.

White Trousers Kolin Concept Art

Takayuki Nakayama: “This outfit is suitable for fighting. The anti-cold measures are also perfect. The mole on her mouth would be a point of fixation for her.”

Active Ver.

Active Kolin Concept Art

Takayuki Nakayama: “This is good! Cool! Groovy! She’s a soldier, and looks like a good friend of Guile’s. Her hair is unusually cut short.”

Survival Ver.

Survival Kolin Concept Art

Takayuki Nakayama: “Her hairstyle is a special feature. She is very proud of her techniques. It feels like her body image was improved by being good at extended physical techniques.”

Adopted Ver.

Kolin Battle Costume Concept Art

Kolin Battle Costume Back+Gadgets Concept Art

Takayuki Nakayama: “This is the adopted design, including the view from behind. They’re submarine clothes. Weapons, such as knives, are also equipped.”

Takayuki Nakayama: “These show the feeling I was talking about! The initial image in mind was to convey ‘the story of the past.’ This is a feeling that I searched for, the forcefulness of a former solider, while still seeming sexy. See you next time!”

For a look at more rejected secret costumes that hit the cutting room floor, you can check out the “Heroes and History” concept here, Superhero costumes here and an assortment of outfits here.

Source: CFN Portal

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