Details on Gameplay Modes in the Upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

By on March 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Courtesy of Famitsu Magazine, we have a breakdown of what exactly the console version of the upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 will include. While there are no big suprises, the magazine included notes on how the modes will be adjusted with the changes implemented in REV 2. Gematsu was kind enough to provide a translation.

Before we dive into the breakdown–we do have confirmation of a Japanese console release date–it’s worth pointing out that Aksys Games tweeted the following recently:

Story Mode


In REV 2, Story Mode takes a more episodic approach and focuses on specific characters, mainly those who are newer to -REVELATOR- and REV 2. We’ll see fully-voiced scenarios that flesh out the stories behind Baiken, Answer, Jam, Dizzy, Kum, and Raven.

Updated M.O.M, Combo, Mission, and Training

All the single-player modes in REV 2 receive some updates. New items await discovery in M.O.M mode, the Combo challenges are readjusted for all the balance changes from location tests, Mission mode now includes newcomers Baiken and Answer, and finally, a subtle–but exciting–upgrade to Training Mode. It’s now possible to switch characters in Training Mode without having to go to the Character Select screen.

New Content and Decorations


Expect a variety of new cosmetic content across the remaining modes, like new Avatar decorations for the online lobby, new items for fishing, Gallery artwork, inclusion of Baiken and Answer in Digital Figure mode, and so on. Also, there will be some refinements to Network play in terms of matchmaking and lobby connectivity.

As Aksys Games hinted in their tweet, we can possibly expect a release date for the North American release of REV 2. Most likely, this will only cover the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions, with Steam information coming at a later date. PS3 and PS4 users will be able to buy REV 2 as a cheaper DLC upgrade, and the only physical release of REV 2 will be a PS4 disc.

Sources: Famitsu; Gematsu

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