Anime Licensing and Streaming Company Funimation Becomes New Sponsor for Panda Global

By on March 9, 2017 at 3:30 pm

One of the USA’s largest anime licensing and distribution companies, Funimation, has just announced that it will be sponsoring esports organization Panda Global. This comes fresh off the back of Panda Global’s anime fighter sponsorship announcements: signing BlazBlue player SuperKawaiiDesu and renewing MarlinPie’s contract for 2017.

In a statement given to ESPN Esports, Funimation’s COO Mike DuBoise said that Funimation are “thrilled to be entering into the competitive world of esports with our sponsorship of Panda Global. We’ve invested heavily in streaming to expand both the reach of and accessibility to our FunimationNow anime service and the streaming-centric nature of esports aligns well with our strategic vision and our audience.” Funimation are most well-known for their distribution of the Dragon Ball series, among many others.

Funimation now join competitor Crunchyroll as the two main anime distributors in the world of esports. With fighting games appearing in multiple anime, we can only hope that this continued collaboration leads to an actual anime about the FGC itself… There’s certainly enough action and drama for at least a few good arcs.

Sources: ESPN Esports; Panda Global

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