Guardian of the Azure, Es, Displays Her Prowess in This BlazBlue: Central Fiction Combo Video

By on March 8, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Es, the Guardian of the Azure, asserts her place in the cast of BlazBlue: Central Fiction with an interesting Drive mechanic and a balanced repertoire of attacks. She uses Type: Enchanter to power up her next move, which leads to longer combos. For instance, her Dragon Punch move will end combos, unless she has her next move charged.

Monarch returns with a new combo movie, “Cerulean Guardian,” which examines the combo possibilities of the DLC character. The video gives an extended look at how to perform highly damaging confirms when given the resources, as well as how to pressure or counter some reversals. There’s also a few interesting loops with her normal attacks.

Check out Monarch’s Es combo movie below. Their channel also includes an Es 6D mix-up tutorial and some Es match footage vs. Ragna.

Source: Monarch

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