VesperArcade Shares His Wishlist for Street Fighter V’s Next Balance Patch

By on March 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm
VesperArcade Balance Patch Wishlist

With Street Fighter V’s next balance patch on the horizon, VesperArcade looks at some of the gameplay system changes that have been hot topics since the Season 2 update, and what he feels Capcom should do about them.

First, he tackles the subject of anti-air light attacks. Though all of them were nerfed in the Season 2 patch, many of them are still proving to be very effective, due to a combination of speed, and ease of use. After presenting both sides of the argument for altering them, Vesper feels that Capcom should instead look at the hitboxes of the game’s jumping attacks, which he feels are too weak, with the exceptions of moves like Necalli and Ken’s j.HP and Chun-Li’s j.HK. He also suggests making proper AA attacks more damaging, so that they can add up to discourage jump-ins.

VesperArcade feels that the removal of invincible meterless reversals and nerfs to V-Reversals¬†has eliminated a sense of fear for characters like R. Mika, Urien and Luara, who are now free to “go autopilot” with many of their setups and mixups. As opposed to bringing back DPs, he thinks there should be more universal defensive options, and increased damage on stray hits to promote neutral-based play.

Characters like Urien, Balrog, Laura, Karin, Rashid, and Chun-Li have forward-moving specials that put them in relatively safe situations. Vesper feels these attacks should universally be -3 on block to prevent their current abuse. He also feels the risk/reward of Crush Counters should be re-evaluated to discourage thoughtless usage, but to also ensure they don’t become too situational.

Next, VesperArcade looks at the current state of V-Skills. He praises Capcom’s effort to improve them in Season 2–particularly Bison’s–but feels they need a second look, as some still don’t provide enough reward for being used, even for characters that can combo into them like Nash and Kolin.

Lastly, VesperArcade wants to see more throw bait options, such as Akuma’s Sekiseiken and Guile’s Reverse Spin Kick added to the game. Some characters can’t utilize the shimmy technique as well as others, due to slower mobility or stubby normals, and these options could help them open up opponents. Though these techniques should be unsafe at -6, similar to current overheads.

You can view the full video below.

What are some of your hopes for Street Fighter V’s next balance patch? Do you agree with this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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