Turn That Pressure Around: 90 Moves You Should Be Punishing in Street Fighter V

By on March 6, 2017 at 2:00 pm
FANG Critical Art

An overview of when it’s safe to attack back–against the whole Street Fighter V cast.

In a game as aggressive as Street Fighter V, it’s vital to be able to recognize when your opponent has thrown a punishable move against your defense. It can be very tricky to recognize when it’s safe to push buttons, and when you’re about to fall right into another frame trap.

CrossUPDP has compiled this visual list of easy-to-punish moves, covering all of the SFV roster; while still keeping in mind that some of these moves become safe for the attacker at the right range, and noting the startup frames of your own punishing move of choice, this list can help you visually recognize when the time has come to safely push back against your opponent.

Source: CrossUPDP

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