Scott Jund’s “Tryhard Invitational” Pits 8 2v2 For Honor Pro Teams against Each Other for $1000+ Prize

By on March 6, 2017 at 6:00 pm

There’s something of a battle going on: for the standardized tournament format of For Honor. While each particular segment of the community has its own arguments, its through events like Panda Global’s 256-player weeklies that 1v1 gets the most recognition. In that light, Scott “DamnNoHtml” Jund’s 2v2 invitational serves as a strong counter-point.

Putting up $500 of his own money up for entrants–and the rest of the prize money¬†being donated by the community–Mr. Jund’s invitational has by far the best pool of talent in the game thus far. Of particular notes are entrants Pietari “Petemoo” Jukarainen, currently undefeated in the PanadaGlobal weeklies, and NRG|iSky’s, the first For Honor player to snag a sponsorship.

For an additional bonus, if you don’t mind spoilers, you can watch the winning team’s point of view and voice chat here.

2v2 is also the format For Honor will be played in at Final Round 20, next week in Atlanta.

Source: DamnNoHtml

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