Possibile Leak Reveals Ninja and Centurion DLC Classes in Ubisoft’s For Honor

By on March 6, 2017 at 9:00 am

On r/ForHonor, Reddit User Bones404 has posted some convincing screenshots for two new characters in For Honor: a Centurion, and a Ninja:


Lending some credence to these leaks is the fact that these designs clearly match the models silhouetted in Ubisoft’s Season Pass. Also, Centurions are already mentioned in the game’s campaign mode. If these leaks do end up being true, then it also means that–amusingly enough–someone at Ubisoft uses “Scrubmode” as a placeholder name for its hero types. Their placement on the character select screen is curious too: completely separate from the factions (Knight and Samurai, respectively) that they would logically be a part of.

Regardless of how convincing, it’s still entirely possible these are faked. We won’t know for certain until an official announcement is made by Ubisoft themselves.

Source: Reddit

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