Javits Explores Hurtbox Adjustments for Alex, Balrog and Chun-Li From Street Fighter V’s Kolin Update

By on March 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Earlier this week, VesperArcade pointed out that there were some minor character changes in the Kolin Update for Street Fighter V Season Two. Notably, Alex and Balrog received increases to their standing hurtboxes, while Chun-Li’s crouching hurtbox was increased. Renowned lab monster Javits Arias looked into how this would impact the characters, and has posted his findings on Twitter.

Balrog and Alex are now susceptible to combos such as Laura’s Step Elbow Linked into St.HP into EX Thunder Clap, which would previously whiff on them, due to the shorter hurtboxes.

Chun-Li can now no longer low profile certain blockstrings, such as the Ryu one shown here. However, Javits notes that some blockstrings that work on the entire roster will still whiff on a crouching Chun.

With this information, these changes can be looked at less as “nerfs” and moreso as “standardizations” of character hurtboxes. We will have full confirmation when Street Fighter V’s next big balance patches releases later this month.

Source: Jav1ts (Twitter)

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