Do Cat-astrophic Damage With This Robo-Fortune Beams Tutorial for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore

By on March 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm
robo fortune beams srk

As reported in August of last year, Robo-Fortune received the ability to shoot lasers from her body as part of her Skullgirls: 2nd Encore zoning buffs. In the most recent installment of his weekly “Tuestorial” series, YouTuber Mr Peck zeroes in on her new long-range ability to explore its different variations and technical properties.

Hitboxes and inputs are put on display for study purposes and they are much needed given the many  variations of Robo-Fortune’s beams. There is also some quick coverage of her Detonation Mode and Catastrophe Cannon that can be used in conjunction with your newfound zoning knowledge. Whether you have a Robo-Fortune in your team or are just trying to close the gap to shut her down, there is much to take away from this quick and useful clip.

Source: Mr Peck