David Spender and Gillian Leigh Investigate the Paranormal and Hunt for Q in These CFN Portal Profiles

By on March 5, 2017 at 1:00 pm
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Our next pair of CFN Profiles take us back to 1999’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, as we look at a pair of CIA agents who can be seen in Q’s ending, searching for any connection between all of his mysterious appearances: David Spender and Gillian Leigh.

As any fan of the show will notice when looking at their stats, these two were meant to be homages to the lead characters of The X-Files, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully–portrayed by actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson–who investigated unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. As always, Private Nakagawa returns to relate Shadaloo’s information on this pair.

Private Nakagawa: An investigator working for the C.I.A. In charge of difficult cases together with his partner Gillian He’s a realist man, who doesn’t believe in supernatural and bizarre phenomena. [This is inverted from the original X-Files situation, where the “realist” was Dana Scully.]

David Spender Street Fighter V

Basic Info:

Name: David Spender [We all know “David” comes from the name of the actor David Duchovny. “Spender” was also the real surname of the Cigarette Smoking Man… who was Fox Mulder’s biological father, indeed.] Height: 183 cm [Roughly the same height and weight David Duchovny was while acting as Fox Mulder] Weight: 72 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: October 13th [Also Fox Mulder’s birthday.] Home Country: USA
Likes: Basketball [As did Fox Mulder, who was apparently a Brooklyn Nets fan.] Dislikes: Insects [As did Fox Mulder.]

Private Nakagawa: He has great confidence in himself, and is a distinguished agent with great acumen and intuition. Outside of work, he’s an unexpectedly frivolous person. He loves basketball, and has a mountain of his beloved home town’s team goods scattered across his desk.

Next up is his partner, Gillian Leigh. The original name is written ジュリアン Jurian, not ジュリアナ Juriana, and Gillian Anderson’s first name is consistently transcribed ジリアン Jirian in Japanese… except they often miswrite it as ジュリアン Jurian, indeed. Jurian would be better suited as a rendition of Julianne, but it’s apparent they actually wanted to use Gillian Anderson’s name.

Private Nakagawa: An investigator working for the C.I.A. in charge of difficult cases together with her partner David. Actively believes in supernatural and bizarre phenomena. [This is inverted from the original X-Files situation, where the “believer” one was Fox Mulder.] Loves occult and UFO stuff.

Gillian Leigh Street Fighter V

Basic Info:

Name: Gillian Leigh [That’s the definitive proof they wanted to use Gillian: “Leigh” is Anderson’s actual middle name. As “Leigh” is pronounced exactly as “Lee”, the Japanese transcribe it as リー , accordingly.] Height: 167 cm [Definitely taller than Dana, though…] Weight: She won’t tell it
Blood type: B
Birthday: August 9th [Also Gillian Anderson’s birthday. For David they took the character’s date, here they took the actress’.] Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Japanese Anime [Maybe a reference to the time Gillian Anderson dubbed Maro’s character in the English version of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke?] Dislikes: Lack of Sleep [Gillian Anderson notoriously suffered from severe sleep deprivation while acting in the first season of X-Files.]

Private Nakagawa: “An investigator in charge of occult and strange cases. In her childhood, she happened to experience an encounter with “a strange living being, pure white, who could change its appearance. She possesses a deep knowledge of cryptids and monsters. She’s a beauty, but everyone thinks of her as ‘a bit strange.’ Has a tremendous passion in her work and often argues with her colleague David.”

You can see the two of them, along with their boss–C.I.A. Public Relations Manager Richard Burgman–in Q’s ending, where he orders David and Gilliana to start an investigation on Q immediately.

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