Ace Kombat’s Side-By-Side Tests Reveal One-Sided Rollback Between PS4 and PC Versions of Street Fighter V When Mashing Inputs or Plugging in Additional USBs

By on March 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm
PS4 Pro Vs. PC SFV Lag Comparions

Recently, Ace Kombat conducted a series of experiments to test the limits of Street Fighter V’s online play between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. Setting a PS3 HORI Fighting Stick 3’s Turbo function to continuously mash the Start button, he displays that this creates a timing discrepancy during an online match between the PS4 Pro and PC versions of the game, which can lead to major rollbacks and issues with background elements, due to the PS4 version falling behind as the two attempt to resync with each other. He details the process in the video description.

“In the left side of the screen (PS4 Pro), the PS3 Hori stick has a turbo option set specifically for the start button, set on and off throughout the video. When it flashes green, Start with turbo function is activated. What the video details is that the PS4 Pro side of the screen will experience no negative results by applying the turbo function to the start button on the PS3 Hori stick. The PC side, while experiencing one-sided rollback by being too “ahead” from the PS4 time-sync, is experiencing dramatic rollback effects by the rapid presses of the start button from the PS4 Pro side. This, therefore, induces the effect of one-sided rollback to the PC user. The same could theoretically be applied to a PC VS PC scenario, depending on the specs of the individual PC systems. As [an] added note, mashed inputs will promote rollback activity if both systems are not synced properly.”

In a second experiment, Ace consistently causes a lag spike by plugging a cell phone charger into the PlayStation 4.  In the comments, Kombat notes that he’s tested this with King Of Fighters XIV, using a legacy controller, with no noticeable lag spike occurring, and that “you can plug/unplug a PS3 stick and you will get the same results as in this video, just no phone involved.”

“The actual presentation of a live match couldn’t be interpreted, since it was a one-person task,” explains Ace. “What I can say is that the signs present is an indication that time-sync is off, and that having mashed inputs through the PS4 end will give a different, negative experience to the PC user.” You can view both videos below.

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