Marvel Gets Its Own Year Long Community Circuit, Titled The Curleh Circuit

By on March 4, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Curleh Circuit

In a huge, nationwide collaboration with Marvel community leaders like IFC Yipes, Persia_xo, AZAngelic, kbkinderparty and ThaGaGaGuy and with help from and Bear, Marvel is getting its very first year long community circuit. Titled the Curleh Circuit, it will track results from weeklies, regionals and major events across North America, with the hopes of crowning a grand Marvel champion after a year’s worth of competition.

Players can track their progress on the Curleh Circuit leaderboard, with the top placers at the end of the season being invited to the Curleh Mustache Finale to decide the overall victor. While most players will qualify for the Finale via leaderboard points, special exhibition events, social media contests and other activities will award players with spots at the Curleh Mustache Finale.

Points allocation will be determined by the size of the event, with events ranking from C Tier to S Tier. S Tier events have 1000 points to share out between the Top 8 placers, while C Tier events having just 200 points to parcel out. You can find all of the information concerning events, including how to make your local or regional a Curleh Circuit sanctioned event over on its dedicated page. From there, you can also check upcoming tournaments and the current standings on the Curleh Circuit leaderboard. Marvel is more than just living, it’s thriving.


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