Lay Down the Law: For Honor’s Lawbringer Guides and Glitches

By on March 4, 2017 at 10:00 am

As it stands right now, For Honor’s meta is largely defensive. Play is centered around the strength of reactions, to greatly reduce your opponent’s options, and taking advantage of stamina drain from 50/50 situations. It just so happens this is what the Lawbringer, arguably the game’s most defensive character, excels in.

YouTuber Evil Canadian has put together two great guides to playing the polearm-wielding class. Starting with the basics and working up, these videos cover his strengths, weaknesses, and general thought processes during battle.

Additionally, Evil Canadian recorded and explained how the controversial Unlock Glitch impacts Lawbringer. Unlocking mid-combo in For Honor sometimes allow characters to¬†perform some combos they otherwise normally can’t–and in this instance, the unlock bug allows Lawbringer to get some small guaranteed damage off of his main pressure tool, the unblockable shove.

Source: rooflemonger

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