Day 3 of #KolinLab: New Tech, Combos, and Discoveries for Kolin in Street Fighter V

By on March 3, 2017 at 4:00 pm

With day 3 of the new ice queen in the books, Kolin is shaping up quite nicely. As with every character release, we’re seeing everyone hitting the lab–and some amazing tech and combos are emerging to help aspiring Kolin players level up fast to be on par with everyone else. So here’s some more great Kolin findings for you to make use of.

First, we have Nurselee showing off some amazing meaty options off of Frost Touch. As explained in the video, low and mid parries have interchangeable setups, and Frost Touch results in a hard knockdown, thus giving you plenty of time to set up your meaty.


Next, we have a combo video sent in by Brain Kasugano. While it is short but sweet, it shows how strong Kolin’s combo potential and flexibility truly is, and is quite impressive given how early it is into the character’s life.

A lot of players have struggled with finding reliable anti-airs with Kolin. However, she does have an impeccable anti-air game, and VesperArcade goes into great detail on what moves deal with what air attacks in this video.

Finally, we have none other than TS|Poongko showing off his Kolin in this Ranked match compilation. Poongko has done well with Cammy since starting in Street Fighter V, but after seeing this video, one has to think that he may have found his Seth in this game.

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