Street Fighter V Kolin Day One Tech: 10 Things We Learned from #KolinLab

By on March 1, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Less than 24 hours have passed since the release of Kolin, and players across the globe have wasted no time cracking into Street Fighter V’s newest character. Using the hashtag #KolinLab on Twitter, players have been compiling a variety of combos, setups and techniques for the Illuminati ice queen.

Kolin continues the trend of Street Fighter V’s downloadable characters becoming increasingly more complex, and brings a unique set of mechanics to the game. Her slide specials and double jump give her a tremendous amount of mobility, while her counter attacks and projectiles give her options to score good damage with a correct read. Here are ten things we have learned from #KolinLab efforts:

  • Counters (QCB+P) start up in two frames, EX is 1 frame. Kolin must choose between low, mid, and anti-air counters. She can even use EX counter between the hits of Urien’s EX Chariot Tackle.
  • The projectile from Hail Storm (QCF+P) can be positioned after knockdowns to cover approaches, including slide (QCB+MK). The initial hit of Hail Storm can nullify projectiles.
  • Diamond Dust, Kolin’s V-Trigger, can hit enemies on the floor if they do not quick rise.
  • The recovery of EX Parabellum can be cancelled into Kolin’s slide attacks for follow-ups. slide punch and slide launch -> air throw do the most damage.
  • At the cost of two bars of meter, Kolin can use EX slide launch (QCB+MK+HK) and an aerial attack to reset an opponent after EX Parabellum.
  • The first hit of Kolin’s sweep can be special cancelled on hit, but not on block. Try performing the special cancel after ex parabellum xx slide.
  • Similarly, the Kolin’s target combos after slide can be cancelled on hit, but not on block. They are also rather punishable.
  • Like Laura, Kolin uses resets to set up meaty attacks and hit links that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Kolin can juggle off a successful V-Trigger activation with super, slide punch, V-Skill and more.
  • Jumping heavy kick can be used to create fake crossups and hit earlier while jumping. Jumping light kick is Kolin’s only crossup. Swapping between these options can be particularly ambiguous if an opponent tries to block Hail Storm.

The hashtag is evidence of how impact the social media era has made on developing tech in fighting games. Kolin already looks to be more complex than most of Street Fighter V’s cast, in less than a day of discovery. Capcom Pro Tour competitors attending Final Round will have to be ready for a full array of Kolin tech, as she will be tournament legal come March 10. Be sure to keep following the KolinLab hash tag to see the latest as soon as it’s posted!

Source: #KolinLabDaFeetLee

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