POCKET RUMBLE Fights Its Way onto Nintendo Switch as a “Nindie” Title

By on March 1, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Pocket Rumble Character Select

Back in late 2014, a very interesting fighting game was funded on Kickstarter. This game promised a retro look and feel, specifically a Neo Geo Pocket aesthetic. Developers have been plugging away at the game ever since, and while it has been playable before as Steam Early Access, it now appears to be largely complete and its finally getting an official release for Nintendo’s upcoming platform.

This is a two button fighter with simplified inputs, boasting 8 characters with drastically different playstyles and a unique health system. The health bar consists of sectioned blips and every attack inflicts the same amount of damage, but multi-hit moves and combos will get you more damage by dealing one blip per attack.

You can pick the game up via Early Access on Steam right now, but the game will also be coming sometime in March for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Chucklefish

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