Characters In For Honor Switch Guards at Different Speeds

By on March 1, 2017 at 2:00 pm

When For Honor was announced, Ubisoft made the bold claim that the game would change the way fighting games are played. With mechanics like this, they clearly weren’t kidding:

It would appear that every character in the game has to go through a set amount of lag time between switching guard stances. This is particularly brutal for some of the characters with slower switches, as they may be forced to guess–instead of react–to some moves and strings. Surprisingly, this decision seems to have been done with a knowing hand: nearly everyone that suffers from slower switches also has strong, relevant defensive options to compensate. Nobushi has range, Shugoki has passive armor on attacks, Conqueror has All-Block stance, and so on. Even the routinely-claimed worst character in the game, Raider, saw a massive high-level tournament win with Vitraxx defeating odds on favorite iSkys in Panda Global’s 256 1v1 tournament, despite his 22-frame switch.

Still, this seems like incredibly important information to apply to in-game strategy.

Sources: SkyRayFox

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