Klyka’s “Class Warfare” Series Examines High-Level For Honor Gameplay, with Player Commentary

By on February 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm

For Honor–depending upon who’s opinion you ask for–is Ubisoft’s first crossing into the world of fighting games. A community has already begun to coalesce around this strange over-the-shoulder fighter, and the way it’s being played by its top players is quite fascinating.

Klyka’s “Class Warfare” series has some of the best examples you can find of the inner workings of For Honor‘s combat right now. Showing off high-level matches from each of the players’ perspectives is a great idea, and getting the players to break down what they were thinking about during the matches is both educational and entertaining. When Kensei player EnderVexc casually mentions “He feinted an attack, so I feinted a parry attempt so that I can parry his parry,” I knew I was watching some special.

As both players have been playing their mains since the Beta, they show off impressive tech, footsies, and mind games. If this series progresses, hopefully the meta will remain as interesting as it is here!

Sources: Klyka

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