Debow | Swillo Shows Off Sizzling Combos For Pokkén Tournament’s Blaziken

By on February 26, 2017 at 9:00 am

Debow | Swillo is a top tier Pokkén Tournament player that truly loves his game. His credentials speak for themselves- 3rd at Evo, 4th at Nationals, 5th at St. Louis Showdown, and a proverbial boatload of smaller tournament wins all over the country. But it’s not just tournament play he’s good for- the man is a lab monster constantly looking to push the game’s engine. We featured his work before with his tournament main MewTwo, and now he’s set his sights on the fire starter Blaziken.

Am I allowed to say this is fire? Is that bad? Whatever. It’s too late. I did it.

Despite representation from top tier players like BadIntent and AngelDarkSong, Blaziken generally finds himself near the bottom on accepted Pokkén tier lists. But that’s only because on the attack triangle Pokkén uses (Attack > Throw > Counter > Attack), Blaziken places all his bets on his relentless attacks and high damage combo starters. On top of that, his one thing- high octane offense- costs him health to use. This video shows why he has to pay a price for his damage. He may struggle to hit you, but when he does, you’ll feel it… and as Swillo shows, he can burn you up in style.

Starting off slow with beginner combos, Swillo quickly turns up the heat with a wide variety of flashy, phase shift pushing flair. You’ll see lowest-height possible High Jump Kicks to create new combo opportunities near the wall. Execution heavy charge-release flop enders. Multiple low dive kick links in the same combo. Over half screen carrying juggles. And if you’re willing to spend Blaziken’s health currency to enhance your moves, these combos will quickly shave off 45% or more on your opponent’s lifebar easily.

As demonstrated, Blaziken’s damage output doesn’t care what tier you place him in.

Source: Swillo

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