Dogura’s Azrael Faces Jin, Hakumen, & Arakune in These Top Level BlazBlue: Central Fiction Sets

By on February 24, 2017 at 4:00 pm

While the Japan E-Sports League is a great source for a variety of competitive games, from time to time the organization features top-level Japanese BlazBlue: Central Fiction players. This clip compilation focuses on CYCLOPS OSAKA|Dogura’s Azrael, who did several first-to-five sets with some big names in Japan.

The Maneater faces Souji’s Arakune in the first clip above. Souji is on the defensive at first, as he has trouble completing the Curse without Overdrive. Dogura’s confidence easily shows in Azrael’s rushdown. Souji almost loses the battle in the next match, but then turns things around with a perfect win. They do a longer FT10, but it looks like Dogura started with one point by mistake.

In this shorter FT5 set, Dogura faces none other than Fenrich’s Jin Kisaragi. Fenrich seems a little nervous or caught off-guard, as he doesn’t do that well in the first match. Jin catches up to Azrael’s tactics and brings the score to an even 2-2, and continues to find his element as he starts pulling off some unburstable Overdrive finishes.

Lastly, Dogura fights Gackt’s Hakumen in a FT5.┬áDespite using Overdrive a lot to easily gain resources, Gackt falls to Dogura’s baits and relentless strikes in the first match. It’s tough for Gackt to surprise Dogura, but when he confirms an Overdrive combo, he pulls off over 6000 damage. It’s a very head-to-head battle as the players both reach four wins before the deciding match.

All the clips are a great way to study those matchups! Note that in similar sets from Japan E-Sports League–featured yesterday–Fenrich also fought Souji and Gackt.

You can also watch the action live at the Japan E-Sports League’s Twitch┬áchannel.

Source: Japan E-Sports League

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