Catch Top Japanese BlazBlue: Central Fiction Players in Japan E-Sports League Footage with Fenrich

By on February 23, 2017 at 4:00 pm

One of the most entertaining players to watch is Fenrich, and his Jin Kisaragi. It never gets old to see nearly flawless combos, incredible Burst reads, and his infamous Overdrive combo finishes that make you think, “Is he really going to kill them now?!” The Japan E-Sports League is a great place to catch some top-tier players duke it out in BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

In the first clip above, Fenrich faces Gackt’s Hakumen in a first-to-five. Gackt [who actually goes by the name Film – Editor] pulls off a ton of impressive counterplays to get Fenrich in a quick 2-0 lead. But as one could predict, Jin starts to adjust and starts netting some victories, pulling ahead to a 3-2. It’s definitely worth it to watch how Fenrich gets around Hakumen’s Drive ability, and Gackt’s frequent usage of the Yukikaze super.

The next clip has Fenrich facing Souji’s Arakune. As competitive players realize, Arakune can’t be taken lightly in this edition of BlazBlue. Jin’s excellent toolset of anti-airs, pressure resets, and even his projectile help in this match up, but he still has to chase Arakune and play around the Curse meter, which is easier than ever to fill, particularly thanks to Overdrive and Active Flow. Souji takes a dominant match early on, but Fenrich starts to turn things around by catching onto his movement, and doing highly-damaging confirms.

Source: Japan E-Sports League

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