The King of Fighters XIV World Championship Announcement: New DLC Costumes, Characters, & Stages!

By on February 18, 2017 at 11:00 am
Angel alt super

The King of Fighters XIV World Championship just went down in Tokyo; aside from the tournament itself, many were excited for an expected big reveal at some point during the event, and thankfully we were not disappointed.

There was an announcement that Classic Iori would be available Febuary 23rd, but the most eventful news was that there will be 3 new costumes, 2 new stages, and several new characters were on their way. While no solid release date was given, the costumes were said to be available “Spring,” so the wait shouldn’t be too long.

You can see the alt costumes below. Meitenkun’s Pillow transforms into a stuffed cat doll, while Sylvie’s purse transforms into a tiny wolf bag. Kula doesn’t seem to get any noticeable model additions aside from the dress (though we do get a clear look at her normally-covered hands), and Angel gets darker skin and horns along with her attire.

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The stages that were announced can be seen in the slideshow below. These are said to be free for all users, and feature one train-themed Mount Rushmore stage, while another features what looks like a section on a race track.

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As for the new characters, our best look at them is this silhouette. It’s anyone’s guess who they are presently, but more details should be released next month.


While at first glance it appears to be 3 characters, it may in fact be 4 new additions; you can most easily see this by counting the number of left legs you see on the right side of the image (there appear to be 3) and then of course the character crouching on the left side of the image. While it’s hard to make out right now, that hasn’t stopped fans from outlining who they believe to be hidden in this image:

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