Tokido Takes on Fuudo’s R. Mika in This Amazing Street Fighter V Set

By on February 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Akuma Mika

Echo Fox|Tokido is getting his daily dose of Akuma variance lately. He wins a lot, and he loses just as much. Such is the life of someone running a character with low health and high damage potential, preparing for the second season of Street Fighter V on the Capcom Pro Tour.

What better way to test your mettle than to play against the runner up at Evo 2016, and fifth place finisher at Capcom Cup 2016, Razer|Fuudo? His R. Mika still looks strong, as she should, and these two sets from the players leave you wondering who will have the better record this season.

Source: RektScrub

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